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These Things I Do

For all the mundane that being a stay home mom has to offer, there’s an equal amount of reward.

Isn’t that kind of how it works in life? For every downside there’s an upside?

Except when you drop jellied toast.

In many ways I feel that a big part of the reward of being a parent is overcoming the boogers and long-term stench of baby puke. Or answering the same question asked for the 40th time in a row. I love my children. They gave us wonderful tax incentives, one more than the other, but we’re not saying which one because we don’t want to show favoritism. They’ll figure it out one year when one gets a pony for Christmas and the other gets a deck of playing cards.

Here’s a list of some of the things I do to overcome boredom during the days and how it helps me appreciate the time I have with my kids:

Craft Mornings
I started this to keep my oldest daughter from rearranging my kitchen cabinets. Crafting has become our favorite part of the day. Not only does she stay busy, she gets to eat glue. And paint. I get to make cheesy art out of tissue paper and cotton balls. I’ll eventually send them to people instead of the birthday cards that I completely forgot to buy. I can also eat glue. But I don’t. Usually.

I make play-doh from scratch. Susie Homemaker eat your Betty Crockin’ heart out! It’s easy and non-toxic, which is fabulous because my two-year old LOVES to put this stuff up her nose and inside her ear canal.

Milestone Mania
Okay, so I missed my second daughter’s first initial steps because I was cleaning up puppy doo off the carpet. But I saw everything else. I even got to see her get her first knot on the forehead. When I chased her new walking self down the hall and right into a closed door. We’ve been working on walking AND stopping. She’s doing much better.

Closet Forts
My daughter delights in sitting in the closet with her stuffed animal friends and Dream Lights. Never alone. Since her sister prefers eating crayons, that leaves Mommy. We don’t do anything but sit in there. She enthusiastically opens and closes the door. Then we get excited and yell, “We’re in the closet. Yay!” Then she’ll leave and tell me she’ll be right back. When a two year old tell you that she’ll be right back, remember she doesn’t really know what that phrase means.

Baking (never to be confused with cooking)
I love to bake. My daughter loves to bake. I make edible things. She makes a mess. I clean up my mess around the time she needs more flour. She increases her mess. In the end everyone enjoys a cookie.

Meeting Needs All Day Every Day
Maybe that owie doesn’t really need a Band-Aid, but I’ll offer one – in two cartoon character selections. Maybe someone needs a hug, I’ll give it. Maybe a shoe needs to be found, I’ll look for it. Maybe someone wants to be held for fifteen seconds when I’ve got fifty things to do, I’ll do it. Maybe it’s the 22nd sip of milk at 2am, I’ll get it.

Sacrificing My Time
For as much as I complain about “me time,” even I know ages birth to 5 goes fast. It’s such a short amount of time before they’re off to school. Then I’ll be sacrificing my time doing their homework. Which is okay because that’s why I’m here.

Of course they don’t know that Mommy can’t do fractions.

Joke’s on them.

© Copyright Christina Antus.

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