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The Next Big Thing

The winds have changed. They’ve been blowing around me for the last year and a half, and I’m finally ready for the direction they’ve been trying to push me in.

For me, the next big thing is tackling the piles of laundry in the room next to me. I can see them out of the corner of my eye as I type. I can certainly smell them. Laundry, life, and everything in between has gotten in the way of my blogging schedule. A once constant thing that I was able to commit to on a weekly, sometimes even daily, basis has become so few and far between for me that it’s in direct competition with flossing.

For me, blogging has always been a hobby. A fun thing to do, a way to practise my writing, a place to connect with people who might be having a day like mine. It’s always been a home for nonsense and smiles. As I move deeper into the weeks and months that lay ahead, I’ll be getting into the thick of a much bigger project: a book. My first one.

This is something that doesn’t allow me to share my time with blogging, unfortunately. As you all well know, time is a precious commodity. Unlike laundry, there’s never enough of it. Kids are busy doing things that take up time. They are busy making laundry. They are busy playing in the laundry. They are busy scattering the laundry. My time is spent chasing them and discarded socks that probably aren’t even dirty, but ended up in the bin with yesterday’s ninth outfit change.

My writing time is limited, extremely. I simply can’t divide myself as many ways as I would like. Having said that, I’m letting myself off the hook from “having” to write blog posts. It means I’m giving myself the peace of mind I need to freely put what little time I have into writing my book. I hope you understand that this will give me the ability to put the best of myself, my writing, and my humor into a collection of essays for you to read at your leisure. If you’re lucky, you might even find a rogue sock or two in between the pages. If you do, let me know which one. I’m sure I’ve got the match in the toy box upstairs.

So, I’ll still see you around here, when I get the chance. In the meantime, you can always find me procrastinating on Facebook.


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