Sugar Detox and the Trans Fat Fairy

I wanted to set my cupcake on the counter and see an entire chunk on my fatty midsection simply fall to the floor. As if resisting the cupcake had some magical power to biologically take me back fifteen years to a skinnier place. I wasn’t really invested in the idea of working for it. After […]

Starsky and Hush

We spent ten dollars on three tokens at the fair so our four-year-old could accidentally win a seventy-five cent goldfish. We didn’t think she’d actually win one. If we did, we would have redirected her back towards the petting zoo because that was free, and who doesn’t like to have a goat chew on their […]

South Dakota: The Billboard State

Every year we drive from Colorado to Minnesota to celebrate the Fourth of July with family. We usually come home through Nebraska, but you can only see so many fields of corn before you start to wonder if you’re even moving. Our only other option was to go through a state that has almost as […]