i'm overthinking this.

I’m a Mom

I’m a mom. I’ve been hit, bitten, kicked and slapped. I’ve been spit up on, peed on, pooped on and puked on. I’ve had tears of sadness, sickness and anger on my shirt, arms and cheeks. I’ve had snot wiped on my legs and my face. I’ve held tantrums, fevers, Roseola, stomach flus and common […]

These Things I Do

For all the mundane that being a stay home mom has to offer, there’s an equal amount of reward. Isn’t that kind of how it works in life? For every downside there’s an upside? Except when you drop jellied toast. In many ways I feel that a big part of the reward of being a […]

Home Cooked Notions

My good friend Brenda asked me the other day if I could write about what age children have to be before a mom can get a warm meal. Truthfully, I really can’t because I have no idea. I haven’t had lunch in two years and when I do get dinner I have to eat it […]

Why I Drink Cold Coffee

7:30 am – I get coffee ready…grind beans, find filters, fill water, add vodka etc. 8:30 am – I feed kids and pets (not vodka). 8:45 am – I take my coffee mug out of the cabinet. 9:15 am – I dress my kids. 9:45 am – I clean my coffee mug. Whoever emptied the […]