i'm overthinking this.


I’ve always wanted to try Pilates. Last week I had my chance to do a 30-minute session in the comfort of my own home. Soothed by the relaxing sounds of toddlers mooing and crawling around the carpet next to me. Because that’s exactly what cows do. They moo and crawl. Anyway, I discovered a few […]

21 Days of Insanity

I recently signed up to try out the 21 Day Fix. Mostly I was lured in by the idea of drinking shakes as a whole meal. The idea of exercise didn’t cross my mind much. I mean, I’ve tried 30 Day Shred. How tough could this be? “Let’s do this!” the box instructed at me. “Okay, […]

Bedtime: How My Toddlers Avoid It

I don’t know what bedtime is like at your house, but in my house everyone under four feet tall gets a huge surge of energy an hour before they’re supposed to go to bed. Ironically no one ever uses this energy to clean up their toys. This surge is so powerful it’s the same as […]

Don’t Make Me Count to Three

Don’t make me count to three. Because I have no idea what to do when I get there. There’s no “one…two… two and a half…” in this house because I’m not a fan of fractions. Let’s face it, using percentages to get to three would unnecessarily complicate things. In this house, there’s just a lot of slow counting. There’s […]