i'm overthinking this.

Who Was Saint Valentine?

February, for whatever reason, has always been celebrated as a month of romance. Probably because it’s short, and it means less time to bother with gifts and things that are pink. Twenty-eight days is more than enough to rally around a naked baby with wings carrying a bucket full of sharp, heart-shaped arrows so that […]

What My Toddler Hears

If Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then toddlers must be from a completely different solar system. I often wonder if my toddlers and I are speaking the same language. We’re not, but when I have 45 seconds to myself I like to waste it by pondering about things I can’t do […]

The Breakfast Bird Feeder

Since I can’t seem to get my toddlers to eat anything that isn’t raisins or pickles, I decided to boost my self-confidence as a parent and feed the birds. Because who doesn’t love having bird poop all over their yard? Thanks to Pinterest—the June Cleaver of crafting—my desire to create fun and exciting crafts is […]