in my head.

the workweek challenge. 

For as crazy as you might think I am for running in 15-degree weather or running at all for no reason, you can’t begin to call me crazy until you’ve met someone with a Fitbit (yes, I have one). Ever heard of the workweek challenge? They change a person. You could be challenging the Pope, […]

around the house.

do you want to get our cat? 

“Do you want to get our cat?” my husband asked me. “Someone turned her in at the vet clinic near our house.” “Not really,” I said. There was silence on the other end as he waited for a punchline. Followed by more silence as he waited for a, “just kidding.” I wasn’t kidding, though, I was […]

in my head.

The Next Big Thing

The winds have changed. They’ve been blowing around me for the last year and a half, and I’m finally ready for the direction they’ve been trying to push me in. For me, the next big thing is tackling the piles of laundry in the room next to me. I can see them out of the […]

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