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Light Hangers and Light Distributers

When decorating the outside of your house for the holidays there are two very different, but equally, important roles: Light hangers and light distributors. A light hanger’s primary responsibility is to hang the lights. A light distributor’s primary responsibility is to feed the line of lights to the hanger. Each job requires a huge amount […]

The one that got away

I spend hours thinking of you, when I know I shouldn’t. Time and time again I try to reason with what happened. How did we get here? How could I have let this happen? Yet, the distance between us grew so slowly that I never even knew what was happening. Until it was much, much […]

The Cupcake Diet

I recently read an article by Jillian Michaels that talked about the difficulty of dropping vanity pounds. Vanity pounds are pounds we want to lose, but our bodies don’t think we need to lose, because we’re made for survival, not appeal. If we were vehicles, we’d be Winnebagos. “Survival” is what keeps those love handles […]

Slow Down, You Grow Too Fast

My sweet baby girl – Today you started your first day of preschool. It’s a pretty big step for Mommy. To let you go somewhere else for a full day. Away from me. Away from home. But, it’s time. Time to let you learn outside the house walls. Time for you to make new friends […]